Frequently Asked Questions

How is a Professional Organizer any different from just being very organized?
The Professional Organizers in Canada training program gives graduates the ability to assess your physical environment and find the root causes of disorganization. Based on that assessment, we use that intelligence and our expertise to formulate a plan. With your help, we execute the solutions needed to maximize the efficiency of your space.
What is the organizing process?
Once you are ready to get your office organized, call How It Stacks Up at 647-710-1134, and you’ll speak to Kathleen about your needs. She will visit your workspace to do a free one-hour assessment. Next, you will receive a cost estimate to do the job; it will outline the scope and timing of the work to be done. Once accepted, both parties sign a Letter of Agreement outlining expectations, and the work begins. How It Stacks Up is happy to sign a Confidentiality Agreement at any point in the process.
How much do you charge? What forms of payment do you accept?
Our rate is $80 an hour, or a fixed price (based on free in-person assessment). Individual office organizations usually take between three to eight sessions, in 3- or 4-hour increments (total $700-$1,700), plus any shopping, supplies, and sourcing fees. A single space such as Supply Room or Storage Space range from $250 to $800.  To have us come into your workspace and provide consultation only, our fee is $125 an hour. Written reports on how to do your own office organization, based on an in-person assessment at your workplace, are written at $100 an hour. When travel of more than an hour is required, a mileage fee will apply. We accept cheques, cash, and electronic transfers. Payment terms are within 30 business days.
Do I need to be there while you organize?
What works best is for organizers to work alongside clients, guiding them to make decisions on what to keep, what to place where, what to purge, file, etc. The organizer can work independently once some momentum has been built and decisions have been made. Then, it’s just a matter of implementing the organizing systems. There are times, however, where the organizer can work alone from the start.
What do I do to prepare for the on-site assessment? Should I clean up before you arrive?
Nothing is required on your part. In fact, we ask that you do not clean up so we can get a true, and accurate picture of your situation.
I’m embarrassed with my mess and don’t want my colleagues to know you're helping me. Can you pretend you’re a client?
Sure thing. We pride ourselves on discretion and protecting your privacy. To provide a comfortable working environment for clients, we approach jobs in a non-judgmental manner, and more important, have seen it all. It is our passion and pleasure to help.
I work with highly sensitive material. How do you keep confidentiality?
Discretion is key to our work. Your organizer is also more than happy to sign a Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement.
Do you need to go through every drawer? What happens if you find something personal?
We ask the client if there are any areas off limits. We respect our client’s space and know we are temporary guests who will get in, help you, and get out. Organizers expect to find personal items since the workplace is where clients spend a lot of their time. Know that we will use discretion in dealing with anything of a personal or confidential nature.
What happens if I have to cancel?
Our policy requires 48 hours’ notice to cancel a session. A cancellation within less than 48 hours will result in a $100 cancellation fee, payable within 15 business days.
What can I expect as the outcome the project?
How It Stacks Up tailors a maintainable plan to organize files, maximize space, and clear clutter. Clients learn new habits, reduce stress, and increase efficiency. Our job is to construct an ideal work environment where clients can thrive, thanks to a fresh start.

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