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As a Professional Organizer in Toronto, Kathleen designs a maintainable plan to organize your files, edit out clutter, set up a system to keep you organized, and maximize your space. Clients are left with an organized space where they can work with reduced stress and increased efficiency. The results create an ideal work environment where you can be highly productive.

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  • Sort through, reduce, and file papers (on desk, floor, in boxes, etc.)
  • Help with purging and reorganizing electronic files
  • Create efficient paper or electronic filing system tailored to your needs
  • Establish or work with existing electronic file retention/tracking system (help colleagues share knowledge)
  • Hang awards, certificates, designations, degrees, framed photos
  • Audit furniture set up, and make adjustments for efficiency
  • Set up efficient office space for a new business
  • Scan business cards and set up contact management system
  • Establish secure and accessible personal filing system
  • Set up reminder emails (birthdays, read articles, gym, subscription renewals, etc.)
  • Help comply with company’s “Clean Desk” policy


  • Packing up offices for a smooth transition
  • Retiring
  • Renovating
  • Changing offices
  • Switching office floors
  • Moving to new building, etc.
  • Prepping office space for new employee
  • Merging offices/companies


  • Organize photos electronically (preserve corporate history)
  • Deal with incoming email, projects, files, business cards
  • Set up system to keep supplies, samples, and products organized
  • Sort out how to artfully display and preserve collections and hobbies


  • Declutter office supply room, storage room, or closet
  • Track and store corporate art work
  • Clean fridge, restock supplies, and make staff kitchen area welcoming


  • If you frequently work on the road, or out of your vehicle, you’ll have different needs than an office worker
  • How to deal with invoicing, filing, receipts, supplies, garbage, etc.


  • Review systems quarterly, every 6-months, or annually
  • Provide Maintenance Visits (3-hour session to clear any papers, file, readjust or tweak system, get process back up and running, etc.)


Whether it’s a Brown Bag lunch, Lunch N’ Learn, workshop, or a special Human Resources-initiated presentation, help educate employees on how to maximize their efficiency and productivity in the office, while tamping down their stress levels.

Suggested potential topics are:

  • A Professional Organizer Puts Your Office In Order
  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your Desk
  • Tips & Tricks to Stay Organized and Remain Productive
  • 7 Ways to Organize Your Workspace
  • Reset Your Work Life: Be Organized & Productive
  • 10 Tips for Smart Filing
  • Your Personal Work Style: How to Use it for Optimal Office Setup
  • How a Cluttered Office Holds You Back: Tips & Tricks to Fix It
  • Why Organizing is Key to Peaceful Working Life
  • How to Spring Clean Your Office
  • Employee Satisfaction: Why Organizing is Key to Profitability


  • We will organize a clothing drive in your office, with donations picked up by the Canadian Diabetes Association (a free service). The clothing is then sold to Value Village, where proceeds go to support charities in Toronto.
  • If you know of a Toronto-based charity or non-profit that needs help organizing, please email us your suggestion.

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