At How It Stacks Up, we share what we have learned while organizing office and work spaces. Through the following blog posts, we highlight thoughts, tips, and favourite products and places to shop, to help you maximize space and stay organized.

Time to End Cramped Cubicles

With skyrocketing real estate costs, businesses are opting for smaller employee work spaces like cubicles and group desks. That’s why you don’t have your own office anymore. Even 10 years ago, in a midlevel position, you often got your own […]

Kondo Cleaning Craze Catches On

Marie Kondo’s book, the life-changing magic of tidying up, has been a sensation since it was released. Five years later, Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has elicited a second wave of love as millions unload items that don’t “spark joy” by following her “KonMari […]

Organizations’ Disorganization

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It’s not just an oxymoron: an organization’s disorganization. It’s a threat. Before work begins, companies and business owners have to decide (1) their main focus (2) what they’ll avoid, and (3) how the operation will be set up to run […]

Obsolete or Disappearing Office Traits

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As digital technology transforms our personal lives, it inevitably changes the way we work too. If you have been in an office for more than a decade, you’ve seen the advent—and demise—of fax machines, floppy disks, couriers, developing photos, and […]

The Evolution of the Office

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Remember when the media hailed the advent of “working from home?” Exciting. Then email made us reachable on weekends. Less exciting. Next, cell phones made us available… pretty much any time. Traditional work hours faded. Technology advances our convenience factor […]

Making Your Office Yours

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As a new employee, you probably walked into your office or cubicle, and got right to work. After logging into your computer, you may have checked out the office supply situation. You most likely didn’t go much beyond these steps. […]

Organized Workspaces Bring Relief

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Famed psychologist and talk show host, Dr. Phil McGraw, once suggested that given our stressful pace, home should be a soft spot to land. I believe we can apply this feeling to our workspaces too. After organizing an office recently, […]