What Happens When We Become Organized?

“I can always find what I need,” people often say. But is that true? Getting organized will help you take back control.

New Year, New Office Habits

I believe people make New Year’s resolutions because we always want to improve our satisfaction with our lives. Let's explore where work falls in that scenario.

Paper Piles & Digital Disorganization Can Cost You

Some people know exactly what’s in each and every one of their 27 piles of paper littering their work space. But it stills costs you.

5 Tips for Smart Filing

For a supposed digital society, paper clutter is still an epidemic. And for others, the disorganization has just shifted from physical to digital. Let's break it down.

Heard About Swedish Death Cleaning?

While many people think about their relationship with stuff and clutter, let's discuss a newer method and philosophy to consider.

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