A promise is just words, but at How It Stacks Up, we live up to our commitments. Whether it’s an office, business, or workplace, we serve our clients well, and that’s why clients call us to help organize new phases of their work lives, and why they recommend us to others. The case studies we’ve included below will help you understand the kinds of spaces and circumstances we tackle, and the Before & After photos of recent projects demonstrate our results.

Case #1:Decluttering Project & Paper Management

The President and CEO of an Ontario-based firm with several branches throughout the province had little to no administrative support. He had boxes of files scattered on his office floor, piled on every furniture surface and stacked on his desk.

Old projects jammed cabinet drawers. There was no room to review a file. What frustrated him was how to deal with incoming projects, as well as the backlog of files and finding a place to put them.

This was a long-term project. First, How It Stacks Up helped him purge old publications and outdated papers, and researched the items that could easily be found online instead of taking up storage space. Next, we filled up his filing cabinet with the most recent, but closed, issues, and current cases.

We introduced desktop systems to help him easily retrieve projects. The chief organizer reorganized the storage room, which hadn’t been maintained. The contents of nine five-drawer filing cabinets were gutted and branch offices were each assigned a cabinet, with each one clearly labelled.

The room was re-filled with important corporate records and client files. Gone were 30 boxes piled three-high on top of the cabinets, making the fire marshal happy.


Case #2:Closing Up A Business

In closing up his law office after 30 years in business, a sole practitioner needed to have years of files boxed up and kept according to Law Society of Upper Canada requirements, meticulously recorded, and sent to a storage facility. The Client was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task; it seemed too time consuming for someone itching to retire and leave his working life behind.

Files were catalogued in banker’s boxes, assigned a serial number using electronic tagging, and stored at a secure facility for easy retrieval when a client requested a file. A plan was made to safely give away, or dispose, of office furniture and electronics.

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