Obsolete or Disappearing Office Traits

As digital technology transforms our personal lives, it inevitably changes the way we work too. If you have been in an office for more than a decade, you’ve seen the advent—and demise—of fax machines, floppy disks, couriers, developing photos, and smoking in the office.

Following are some other office tools, supplies, machines, and well-established habits disappearing in our work lives.

Office traditions: using recipe cards to give a presentation; hanging a calendar; putting your business cards in a holder or a Rolodex; traveling for a business meeting; and holding a Christmas party for all staff

Technology-driven: tape recorder; fax machine; hand-held camera; desk phones; desktop computer; pencils; USB thumb drive; and mouse pads

Cultural shifts: formal business attire (ties and panty hose); a 9 to 5 job; corner office for executives; communal coffee pot; and the need to remember someone’s phone number or address

Paper-related: paper holder; notepads, 3-hole punch; cerlox binding; “wite-out” correction fluid; filing cabinet; staple remover; schedule planners; and erasers

It’ll be fascinating to see what the next 10 years will bring!