Famed psychologist and talk show host, Dr. Phil McGraw, once suggested that given our stressful pace, home should be a soft spot to land. I believe we can apply this feeling to our workspaces too.

After organizing an office recently, the client walked in, paused to survey the changes, and exhaled a prolonged “ahhhhhhh.” He said work tomorrow would be a joy as he walked into a clear space.

He meant literally.

Before that weekend, boxes were stacked on his office floor and papers piled high on his desk. He had no room to read, write, or make notes. Worse, he couldn’t meet anyone in his office because even the chairs were littered with reports and magazines.

Now with a clear desk, and an unimpeded path to it, this President and CEO could focus on the tasks at hand. All he had to do was maintain the space.

But the crazy pace of his work meant he couldn’t always keep up the system, so now we go in every few months to reset the space. Each time, he jokingly reports his wife always knows we’ve been by, because he is in a better mood.

Another client recently saw the floor of his storage unit that had previously been scattered with equipment, construction tools, and office supplies. He had been walking on top of everything to get to the stuff at the back of the unit. Upon seeing the transformation, he said he felt the stress fall right off his shoulders.

These reactions are why I do this—why professional organizers do this, in fact. We love to help both at home and in the office.

Like the two clients mentioned above, people should have their workspaces set up for comfort, practicality, and function. Make the space yours. And if you need help, well, you know who to call.

As a professional organizer, I work to meet clients’ goals, whatever they may be. The fun part is working together to figure it out.