Organizations’ Disorganization

It’s not just an oxymoron: an organization’s disorganization. It’s a threat. Before work begins, companies and business owners have to decide (1) their main focus (2) what they’ll avoid, and (3) how the operation will be set up to run smoothly.

Once organized, employees know where to prepare food, hold a meeting, photocopy, get help, or procure office supplies. Yet how an individual workspace functions is still up to you.

The challenge is that many employees, executives, and small business owners don’t know how to set up their own office or personal workspace for its highest efficiency. No one teaches us that — or even expects it.

People grapple with how to handle expense receipts, for example, or what to do with a filing cabinet when all their files are digital. When you don’t set up a system for dealing with common working issues like these, or account for individual preferences, this is where employee disorganization thrives.

With too many employees unfocussed, the organization’s goals can suffer.


Work is always challenging, whether it’s conflict with colleagues or struggling with too much work. So why put off organizing offices until ‘things calm down?’

As soon as employees are frustrated or stressed by mess, it’s time to take steps to tackle the culprits. Following are some tips:

Recycle, file, or archive paper, stationary, digital files, and knick-knacks to make room for new projects and ideas.

Choose new projects only if they help you reach your goals or teach you a new skill you want.

Turn down insignificant projects that may bring your attention away from your true passion, the reason you were hired, or why you started the business.

Discard/recycle/give away items you no longer use, never have, but feel compelled to keep. Clutter is anything that stops you from accomplishing your work. This could be projects, ideas, or sketches you didn’t finish. It’s all holding your space hostage.

Your decision to reorganize will lead to action, which brings about change, and shortly, renewed focus. Everyone wins.