Is Your Work Style Early Bird or Night Owl?

Each workday, Night Owls drag themselves out of bed to arrive at the office on time, while Early Birds fight taking a nap in the early afternoon.

Wouldn’t it be great if all employees were able to design their day based on their body’s natural circadian rhythms and personal preferences?

Everyone’s work style is different, yet many work places still expect its employees to adhere to a set schedule.

In order to be organized, though, I believe we should work according to when our minds and body are at our best.

What Job May Best Suit You

If you like to keep on the move, are fidgety, or like to tip your chair, you might be best suited to a job where you can walk around (security), stand (retail store; pharmacy), put items on shelves (store), move items along (grocery), pack boxes (manufacturing), or be under pressure to hustle (emergency worker, police).

People who have amazing hearing and are inspired by sounds (audiophiles) might like to arrange music (producer, composer, recording studio), play an instrument (orchestra, band), sing (opera, commercials), install hearing aids (audiologist), work on a radio show (voiceovers, DJ, host, technician, interviewer, producer), or teach others language (teacher, speech therapist, linguist).

Those who are more visual and enjoy seeing what they do might be best matched to outward-looking ventures such as creating beauty (make up artist, painter), experimenting (scientist), inventing (entrepreneur, engineer), making (woodworking, costumes), capturing beauty (photographer, videographer), crafting viewpoints (writer, advertiser, actor), or building (construction).

Whatever you choose, here’s hoping you get to sleep in or go to bed early, and work at a pace that honours your natural work style.